Was Peoples Temple a Cult?

I do think Peoples Temple was a cult. I also believe that we in this society do gravitate towards them. I have a more generic definition of the term. I feel that fraternities (although my son is president of one), gangs, children beauty contests, political parties and religions which tell people who to vote for, or not vote for, or not to vote at all – are all cults. Even cheerleaders have certain behavior norms. My definition of the term “cult” is a group that insists on certain behaviors and its own “code of silence” to cover for inappropriate activities. In the EXTREME case of Peoples Temple, often the leader of the group distances himself and the members of the group from the general public and from their families. Jim did take the term and the idea to the furthest possible limit. But, I think that other groups are cults – just not as extreme. We folks seem to want to associate with groups, and groups accomodate that need by sitting on the continuum of total control down to minimal control.