Wanda King – One Set of Cremains found in Dover, Delaware over the Summer of 2014


Wanda’s Cremains were found in a Dover, Delaware abandoned funeral home.  Her cremains were buried at Evergreen Cemetery on October 20, 2014.

               I can remember Wanda King very well.  She was a little older than me, about eight years.  We shared a job in Peoples Temple, in San Francisco and Los Angeles for several years, between 1974 and 1976.  We were “Greeters” at the doors.  As services were beginning inside, or as people were gathering at least, we Greeters stood outside.  In fact, we would “greet” all newcomers who came up the steps in Los Angeles, or who came up the street in San Francisco.

But, our job was more complicated than that.  We would welcome new people, or new family members who came with our members.  Our job was to discern who they were, and why they were coming to our Peoples Temple services.

Wanda was just a wisp of a person, tall but slim.  She was gracious and friendly to everyone.  She would never make a rude comment or many comments at all. She just took it all in.  She was always calm and competent, with no need to make waves.  She was soft-spoken, but would hold her ground in a discussion. I remember that it was rare to see her really excited or emotional – she really took everything in stride and just went to work.  I loved it when she would break into her rare smiles, and occasional hugs.  Many of her family members were in Peoples Temple and Guyana. She was a strong and hardworking member of the larger Peoples Temple family.


Laura Johnston Kohl

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