THE 2012 JONESTOWN REPORT – Published by The Jonestown Institute

This November 18, 2012  is the 34th Anniversary of Jonestown

                In the process of writing my book and articles for different other media and events, I have turned into a writer.  Some of it is journaling, and some of it has a bigger role in helping me explain different aspects of both Peoples Temple and my life since I survived.  Often, I seem to want to put my thoughts on paper and to use them to clarify a point or to organize my own thinking.  The newest Jonestown Report is due out in November, in time for the 34th Anniversary gathering at Evergreen Cemetery in Oakland.  The result is that I have written at least seven articles for this edition!

In this issue, I have written about a myriad of experiences and reflections.  I wrote memorials about two wonderful people in my life, and in Peoples Temple.  I wrote about Paula Adams and Rheaviana Beam.  I also wrote an update on my book, and my work posting and identifying 1,500 photos on  I wrote several more introspective pieces about myself – a response to a “hate” email I received, an article about finding my voice today, and another about where I go from here.  Another article I wrote addressed a frequent question about the deaths in Jonestown.  Why didn’t anyone stop them?  Who could have?

My final piece compares the role of women in both Peoples Temple and Synanon, with data I collected from both survivors and close friends of Peoples Temple and from ex-Synanon residents.  It is a very brief comparison of the two leaders, and the two communities.  This is a scholarly presentation that I will present at the Communal Studies Association Conference at the Oneida Community.  Along with the paper, I will present a power point presentation with photos.

I am delighted that I am able to write articles which might answer some of the nagging questions about Jonestown and Peoples Temple.

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