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JONESTOWN SURVIVOR AT THE BERKELEY BAY AREA BOOK FESTIVAL                   I hosted an author’s table this weekend (June 4 and 5, 2016) at my second Bay Area Book Festival. I set up a table with photos of Peoples Temple. I had an aerial photo of Jonestown in 1978, which shows how much hard work we put into creating the community. I had photos of the Evergreen Cemetery tombstone and the newer panels listing the names of all of those who died in Guyana. I had photos of some of the ceremonies and gatherings we survivors have held over the years. And, ...

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Jonestown Survivor Nominated for Teacher of the Year 2011-12 at School

NOMINATION FOR TEACHER OF THE YEAR 2011-12 This week, I was nominated for Teacher of the Year at my school, where I teach 6th grade. Here is the recommendation: I would like to nominate Laura Kohl for teacher of the year. Laura is an exceptional person and teacher who gives all of herself to her students and community. Laura has gone out of her way to make sure that all of her students’ needs have been met. Teaching ELD Laura has come across many students whose needs exceed the classroom. She has never hesitated to meet those ...

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