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Jonestown Survivor New Spring 2018 Calendar

Jonestown Survivor - Spring 2018 Here is my schedule for Spring 2018: December 14, 2017: Cal State University-San Marcos-Osher class in Murrieta December 28, 2017: 3-hour Radio Interview “Spaced Out Radio” January, 2018: Set up summer speaking events Feb. 11-13, 2018: Speaking in University of Puget Sound classes and Public Meeting March, 2018: Return trip to Guyana - Georgetown and Jonestown Cal State University-San Bernadino Osher in Palm Desert (3 classes) San Diego State University-Osher class April 4-6, 2018: Speaking at Arkansas Tech University - Anthropology classes Communal Studies Association - Conference Call Bay Area Book Festival in Berkeley And, I continue to teach 6th grade language arts in middle school. I ...

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JONESTOWN SURVIVOR will present at an UCSD OSHER Class: Surviving Peoples Temple at Jonestown: One Woman’s Story Laura Kohls Johnston Peoples Temple was a response and thought to be a solution to the historic events taking place in the 1950s. From about 1953 on, television brought a new dimension to understanding history. We thought we could watch it as it evolved. We could see the characters and personalities, and we could see the consequences immediately. In other words, we could not just ignore the world around us anymore. This lecture will examine that part of U.S. history which allowed the creation and ...

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