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JONESTOWN SURVIVOR to Speak at San Diego State University – OSHER Class

Jonestown Survivor to Speak on Cult Leadership Styles, at Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at SDSU, March 29 BY  SUZANA NORBERG  – JANUARY 24, 2018POSTED IN: EDITORS PICK, SDSU'S OSHER LIFELONG LEARNING INSTITUTE How do you distinguish quirkiness from insanity in a leader? What are the red flags to watch for? What are our expectations of a leader? A fluke-survivor of the Peoples Temple and decade-long resident of Synanon — an alternative community in Santa Monica, Calif. that disbanded in 1991 — will share her analysis of both cults, as part of the Love Library Series through the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at SDSU. Laura Johnston Kohl will ...

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Trifecta – Three Grand Events Saturday, November 14 was a special day. It was very full, but touched a lot of points. My day began with an interview at the San Diego State University Special Collections Room. I was interviewed by filmmaker John Borowski for one segment of his upcoming television series. He interviewed me and taped the conversation for over two hours. The setting was an extensive Peoples Temple Collection that Dr. Rob Ray, the SDSU Archivist, has set up. The collection has all types of media productions and other memorabilia from Jonestown survivors and other diverse sources. In ...

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JONESTOWN SURVIVOR Events:      I have been on a number of internet and national radio programs lately - one a month for the past six months. Those have been interesting. Mostly, the interviewers are religious. And, that means that before and after my interview, they are giving their sermons. Very interesting.      This week, I am speaking at Cal State San Marcos to the History Honors Club, at San Diego State University in the Jonestown Exhibit Special Collections, and am traveling to New York to be interviewed on the Ben Modo television show. In March, I will go to Hawaii ...

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