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JONESTOWN SURVIVOR Interviewed for San Juan Journal Article

  Survivor recalls Jonestown Copy of Laura Kohl's Guyan driver's license — Image Credit: Contributed Photo/Laura Kohl By Heather Spaulding Journal Reporter They worked to create a community without hate or violence, filled with love, peace, independent yet supportive, artistic and healthy – the 60s utopian dream. What happened was a nightmare. “Jonestown lived and died in two years,” said Laura Kohl, a Jonestown survivor. “It never had a chance to get beyond the building stage.” Kohl will be speaking at the San Juan Island Library on Feb. 17 at 7 p.m. At this free event, she will be discussing her experiences at Jonestown and how she coped after the tragedy. The ...

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JONESTOWN SURVIVOR Meets February 2016 with Travel Plans!

February is moving in! I will be teaching the next two weeks - finishing up a long-term subbing job in a 6th grade Language Arts and Social Studies class (which I LOVE!) and I will be heading to Washington State in two weeks. As a Jonestown Survivor: An Insider's Look author and public speaker, I will speak in classes and at a public setting at Puget Sound University in Tacoma, and then in the Friday Harbor library. And, I will meet up with my good friends living in Washington. GREAT! Let me know if you are in the area!

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