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COMMUNAL STUDIES ASSOCIATION 2012 – LAURA JOHNSTON KOHL, Jonestown Survivor and Author, was added to their National Board

This past Saturday, I was voted in as a Communal Studies Association Board Member.  I have been presenting a scholarly paper, moderating other presentations, writing articles for their publications, and meeting the wonderful people of this group for the past six years. On Friday, October 5, 2012, I was delighted with the enthusiasm and thoughtful questions at  my presentation, "Peoples Temple and Synanon - a Look at the Role of Women in these Modern Communities."  this year, the CSA Conference was held in the Oneida Community near Syracuse, New York.  CSA is a great group of respected and articulate researchers interested ...

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THE 2012 JONESTOWN REPORT – Published by The Jonestown Institute This November 18, 2012  is the 34th Anniversary of Jonestown                 In the process of writing my book and articles for different other media and events, I have turned into a writer.  Some of it is journaling, and some of it has a bigger role in helping me explain different aspects of both Peoples Temple and my life since I survived.  Often, I seem to want to put my thoughts on paper and to use them to clarify a point or to organize my own thinking.  The newest Jonestown Report is due ...

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