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Jonestown Survivor Interview on All Out Attack Podcast

  JONESTOWN SURVIVOR Interview on All Out Attack Podcast with Harry Robinson I was interviewed for All Out Attack Podcast this last week. During the 40th Anniversary of Jonestown, many of us survivors expected the interest in/curiosity about Jonestown and Peoples Temple to slow down. Afterall, it had been 40 years. The opposite has been true. Since November 18, I have had many students, researchers, and historians reach out for interviews. This month, I have had people from around the world contact me for interviews - from Sweden, England, and other countries, and numerous students who were competing in the National History ...

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JONESTOWN SURVIVOR Appears on YouTube 03-29-2018

As a Jonestown Survivor, I was interviewed for a YouTube program for this program: an AfterWords to our Believers and Nonbelievers episode on “The Differences Between Cult and Religion.” The first link was the orignal discussion, which I was unable to participate in. The second link is my interview. Here are the two links:

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