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Jonestown Survivor New Spring 2018 Calendar

Jonestown Survivor - Spring 2018 Here is my schedule for Spring 2018: December 14, 2017: Cal State University-San Marcos-Osher class in Murrieta December 28, 2017: 3-hour Radio Interview “Spaced Out Radio” January, 2018: Set up summer speaking events Feb. 11-13, 2018: Speaking in University of Puget Sound classes and Public Meeting March, 2018: Return trip to Guyana - Georgetown and Jonestown Cal State University-San Bernadino Osher in Palm Desert (3 classes) San Diego State University-Osher class April 4-6, 2018: Speaking at Arkansas Tech University - Anthropology classes Communal Studies Association - Conference Call Bay Area Book Festival in Berkeley And, I continue to teach 6th grade language arts in middle school. I ...

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JONESTOWN SURVIVOR Writing for Jonestown Report

I am excited, and determined, this week to finish up two articles for THE JONESTOWN REPORT (November 2016 on-line edition). One article will be a review of Eusi Kwayana's A NEW LOOK AT JONESTOWN, from the Guyanese perspective. I love Eusi and his wife Tchaiko, who have been mentors (to me and to my son Raul) over the years as I tried to be a teacher who opened my students' eyes to the "REAL" history taking place all around us. I get to re-visit his book and all the reasons I felt enriched after reading it, as it evolved before being ...

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JONESTOWN SURVIVOR- What’s Going On? This has been a busy summer for me. I’ve traveled to Washington, D.C. (my birthplace), New York (my husband’s birthplace), San Francisco, Oakland, Visalia, Tijuana, and all over southern California. I have presented at libraries, senior centers, street fairs, and conferences.  I have had a number of interviews related to my life (Peoples Temple, Woodstock, Black Panthers, and/or Synanon) for documentaries, newspapers, blogtalk radio, and research projects. When I am not taking care of that, I am an activist. I do work on making the world a more sane place for all of us. I am politically ...

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