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JONESTOWN SURVIVOR: A Tribute to PJ Paparelli

Hello everyone, Today, Leigh let Mac know that PJ Paparelli was killed in a car accident while vacationing in Scotland. He was the superb Artistic Director from the Chicago American Theater Company where Leigh's play "The Peoples Temple" was presented. Claire, Nel and I flew to Chicago to see it. Last June, PJ and his Assistant brought twenty inner-city high school drama students out to meet us, to visit CHS, and to get some California air. So many people jumped in to speak with the students, i remember Alan, Garry, Tim, Jordan, Eugene, Stephan, Vern and I spent time, and others ...

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JONESTOWN SURVIVOR NEWS: On Tuesday June 25, 2013, in San Francisco, I met with members of the American Theater Company from Chicago. They are acting in Leigh Fondakowski's play THE PEOPLES TEMPLE. These high school students came to visit the California Historical Society to look at the Peoples Temple archive. They will meet other survivors, visit Evergreen Cemetery, and visit Ukiah. They will perform at the ATC, in Chicago, in late July.

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JONESTOWN SURVIVOR Welcomes American Theater Company Actors

Hello everyone, Last week, I got this email from PJ Paparelli at the Chicago American Theater Company. Several years ago, Claire and I flew out to Chicago, and Nell came over from Indianapolis, to see the play. We were able to support Leigh and the American Theater Company by attending the play. PJ hosted us and has become a good friend. Here is PJ's email: American Theater Company has grown so much since you were here in 2008. Besides are productions, we have an amazing education program in the Chicago Public Schools. Last year we started a Youth Ensemble ...

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