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I have a pretty diverse summer ahead, working with Peoples Temple archives, Synanon archives, and book events! I'll be teaching the next 2 1/2 weeks in Escondido. On June 6 and 7, I'll be at the Bay Area Book Festival in Berkeley On June 16, I'll be at SDSU looking at the Peoples Temple exhibit On June 18 and 19, I'll be working with Synanon archives at UCLA On June 23, I'll be speaking at the San Diego City Heights Library In mid-July, I will be at Walker Creek Ranch (where I lived briefly while in Synanon) at a Quaker Retreat In July, I'll also visit ...

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JONESTOWN SURVIVOR NEWS: On Tuesday June 25, 2013, in San Francisco, I met with members of the American Theater Company from Chicago. They are acting in Leigh Fondakowski's play THE PEOPLES TEMPLE. These high school students came to visit the California Historical Society to look at the Peoples Temple archive. They will meet other survivors, visit Evergreen Cemetery, and visit Ukiah. They will perform at the ATC, in Chicago, in late July.

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JONESTOWN SURVIVOR WRITES: The 34th Anniversary of Jonestown

The 34th Anniversary of Jonestown This past weekend, I flew up to the Bay Area for the 34th anniversary of Jonestown – November 18, 1978. This year, there was no big event or program planned. Some of us were in touch and planned to gather about three in the afternoon, and then move on to a dinner together. We also planned ahead to Monday to work in the California Historical Society in San Francisco, indentifying photos. CHS has the largest archive of Peoples Temple documents, photos and other memorabilia. I had been involved, notifying the survivors ...

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