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JONESTOWN SURVIVOR BOOK EVENTS Over the Next 30 days September 18 Internet Radio Interview on AUTHORESS, with Terry E. Lyle. September 19 SKYPE interview with UK writer Robin S. Boyd. She contacted me saying “I'm currently working on a narrative feature film project with British producers Dean M. Woodford and Sebastian Street (Tomorrow, Exec. produced by Martin Scorsese) and I would love to include your story and portrayal in our film, I'm also very interested in your involvement with the Black Panthers. October 1 6-8 p.m. Lexington Public Library, Beaumont Branch, Lexington, Ky. October 2 10:30-12 noon Presentation at Shaker Village, Pleasant Hill, Ky. ...

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JONESTOWN SURVIVOR – Why Revisit Jonestown and Guyana?

  Jonestown Survivor - many Jonestown survivors - will return to Guyana for a Visit, Likely in March 2016 I have been in contact with many survivors who plan to go back to Guyana, on an arranged trip, in March 2016. In response to some of the concerns people brought up, I have thought more about why I am interested in going. This is what I wrote to those already committed to go, and those who are making up their minds now. Hi everyone, A couple of people have spoken to Melissa, and/or me about thoughts about the return trip to Guyana. Really, this ...

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