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JONESTOWN SURVIVOR Writing for Jonestown Report

I am excited, and determined, this week to finish up two articles for THE JONESTOWN REPORT (November 2016 on-line edition). One article will be a review of Eusi Kwayana's A NEW LOOK AT JONESTOWN, from the Guyanese perspective. I love Eusi and his wife Tchaiko, who have been mentors (to me and to my son Raul) over the years as I tried to be a teacher who opened my students' eyes to the "REAL" history taking place all around us. I get to re-visit his book and all the reasons I felt enriched after reading it, as it evolved before being ...

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Jonestown Survivor Reviews Book Review from Kaieteur News On-Line about Eusi Kwayana's book A NEW LOOK AT JONESTOWN: I think this is a great review of Eusi Kwayana's new book - A NEW LOOK AT JONESTOWN. However, the book goes beyond looking at it from a Guyanese point of view. It gives a global look about how poorer countries are easily manipulated to overlook aspects of a group, or even a country's, plan because of an expectation of shared monies. KAIETEUR NEWS ON-LINE: New book on Jonestown by Eusi Kwayana is very good March 28, 2016 | By KNews | Filed Under Letters Dear Editor, On ...

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JONESTOWN SURVIVOR Writes Foreword for Eusi Kwayana’s New Book

Eusi Kwayana's review of his latest book A NEW LOOK AT JONESTOWN:   On November 18, 1978, over 900 members of the Peoples Temple, located not far from the Port Kaituma airstrip, died after drinking cyanide-laced Flavor-Aid. Their suicidal act was attributed to a directive from Reverend JimJones, the religious leader of the commune. Jones himself died from gunshot wounds. Despite the publications of seven books by Jonestown survivors about the incident, many questions remain, including the circumstances surrounding the establishment of the commune and the death of American Congressman, Leo Ryan, who went to Guyana to investigate reports of atrocities ...

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