MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY PARADE – San Diego 1/15/12 – as a Jonestown Survivor

Martin Luther King Day Parade – Thank you for being here! As a Jonestown Survivor – I wouldn’t be anywhere else!
Yesterday, a handful of La Jolla Quakers joined thousands of people of all ages and colors to refresh the image of Dr. Martin Luther King, and to seek out his message. I have participated in the marches and parades on this day over many years, and have observed the party atmosphere of celebrating Dr. King, but not an acceptance of what he REALLY said and what he REALLY demanded of us. In truth, in the past, many of the groups participating did not live his message of peacefulness and equality. Yesterday was just fantastic. We had vibrant children’s groups, wonderful middle and high school bands, some of those others I won’t list, an ENORMOUS contingent of San Diego Vets for Peace, and an even more humongous group of the Occupy folks from all over San Diego County. Now – THAT was a group of people spreading the actions of Martin Luther King. He gathered us all around him. No one was excluded. This eclectic group of Occupy-ers was every color, every personality, and from every background – and vibrant! It was my favorite Martin Luther King Day march/parade in a long time! And, those watching the parade from the sides thanked US for being there. It was our treasure to be there!

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