Laura Johnston Kohl’s Presentation about Jonestown

This article appeared in the Friends of the Montgomery
County (Maryland) Library Summer 2011 Newsletter:
An Insider’s View of the Jonestown Massacre
In addition to their successful Winners
Take All family read event, Rockville
Chapter hosted Laura Johnston Kohl, a
Rockville native who wrote Jonestown
Survivor: An Insider’s Look. On April 27,
2011 Ms. Kohl traveled from California
to share her story with all the patrons who
braved tornado warnings to hear her tale.

Ms. Kohl held the audience spellbound
during her presentation and discussion,
where she openly shared details
of her seven years of life in Jonestown and
answered questions that they couldn’t
find answers to from other sources. Ms.
Kohl’s open, easy manner put everyone
at ease, and her firsthand knowledge
presented an opportunity to experience
the events and the world created by cult
founder Jim Jones through her eyes.

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