I have just returned from a wonderful Jonestown Survivor: An Insider’s Look book tour in Georgia and Tennessee. I was invited to speak to Psychology classes at University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, and I contacted other local venues to set up speaking engagements. My husband and I arrived at the Atlanta airport and drove the two hours to Athens. An Athens Quaker family provided serene housing in the countryside of Danielsville. On April 12, I spoke to a gathering of the Athens Society of Friends. I was delighted to visit a Friends Meeting in another part of the country. My focus was on overcoming the grief of the deaths in Jonestown, and my own Spiritual Journey. After my presentation, and wonderful questions, we drove to Chattanooga – about a three-hour drive.

On Monday at University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, I spoke to an Anthropology class, a Racial Inequality class, and two school-wide presentations at noon and at 6 in the evening. I was hosted by Dr. Gary Maynard. I was very impressed with the students at the school, and with the Professors who graciously invited me into their classes. The students had studied about Peoples Temple and had thoughtful questions.

On Tuesday, I was interviewed on the local television show WRCBtv’s Three-plus-you. The host, David Karnes, was just great. He is a history buff and has studied about Peoples Temple for years. He asked in-depth questions, mostly about the part of Jonestown history that is not often covered – the activities and details of the survivors on November 18, 1978. Shortly after that interview, I was interviewed by Sean Phipps of the online news magazine. Sean had done his research, and not only asked me probing questions, but wrote the article based on my quotes. After a number of interviews that were tuned into unrecognizable articles, I really appreciated his work. That evening, I presented to the Chattanooga Society of Friends and others in the community. My husband and I were delighted to stay several nights in the home of the Ingles. They are both authors and activists, so it was our great pleasure.

On Wednesday, Ron and I traveled around historical sites in Chattanooga. Then we arrived at the Chattanooga Library so that I could present about my book, and my life. The head of the Chattanooga Friends of the Library, Jeanne Brice, was a great hostess, taking us on a tour and sharing the flavor of Chattanooga with us. I was also interviewed again by WRCBtv/NBC, by Joy Krause, for the 11 p.m. news.

On Thursday, we were heading out to the airport, and just had time for another quick interview with Joy Krause. She is filming a documentary about women who get linked up with sociopathic men. We then drove to Atlanta and had lunch with our good Synanon friends Lex and Bruce Gilbert. And then, we flew home to San Diego!

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