I have been on a number of internet and national radio programs lately – one a month for the past six months. Those have been interesting. Mostly, the interviewers are religious. And, that means that before and after my interview, they are giving their sermons. Very interesting.
     This week, I am speaking at Cal State San Marcos to the History Honors Club, at San Diego State University in the Jonestown Exhibit Special Collections, and am traveling to New York to be interviewed on the Ben Modo television show. In March, I will go to Hawaii Pacific University to speak. So, things are busy.
     Long term, I am searching for and writing grants for fifteen of us (survivors) to go for a final visit to Guyana – primarily Jonestown. I am continuing to collect Oral Histories, and will add ten more to the ten I have already by the end of the year.
     I will also be presenting a paper about Jonestown at the Communal Studies Association Conference in Kentucky at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill on October 1-3, My scholarly paper will be on Jonestown: Marking the Land:  How Intentional Communities Shape Their Surrounding Physical & Social Landscapes.
     And, finally, I am writing articles for our local progressive bilingual newspaper and a long article on my survival for the Women’s Study Quarterly. 

     I would love to visit your university or venue,  and share more details on any of these threads, or others. I could come anytime from April on. I am setting up plans for the Spring and early Fall now.

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