Jonestown Survivor News –

I have been asked to teach a 5-week OSHER Class here in San Diego.

Here is the Course Outline:      Selected History of the 1960s and 1970s

Laura Johnston Kohl, Jonestown Survivor and Author, will present a 5-week study of selected United States History from the 1960s and 1970s. Each class will focus on a different aspect of those two decades.
-1st class will review US History, beginning with the 1955 arrest of Rosa Parks, including the assassinations of five inspiring leaders in the 1960s, and ending in 1970.
-2nd class will review the struggles for different national communities to gain recognition and independence. 
-3rd class will discuss all aspects of Peoples Temple and Jonestown, and my survival.
-4th class will focus on Synanon Residential Treatment Facility, in comparison with and in contrast to, Peoples Temple. (I was a member of each for a decade.)
-5th class will reflect on these two decades. What should we have seen? What did we learn? Are there any parallels we should watch out for? Are cults still around? And, a wrap up of the 5-week class.

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