JONESTOWN SURVIVOR Upcoming 2016 Events


January 8             Radio interview on “Radiobookshelf” with Lou in the Morning

January 8             Radio interview on Empowerment through Healing, with Tami Urbanck

February 15         University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA – presentations to classes and the public

February 17         San Juan Island Library, Friday Harbor, WA – JONESTOWN SURVIVOR book presentation

March 19             Hosting Author’s Table at U of Phoenix Writer’s Expo for Writers

April 15                Oaks North Community Ctr Bd of Directors Meeting – Speaking about my book and life

June 4-5               BAY AREA BOOK FESTIVAL – Hosting Author’s Table

October 6-8          Presentation at the Communal Studies Association Conference in Salt Lake City on the 2016 Conference Theme: “Anticipating the End Times: Millennialism, Apocalypticism, and Utopianism in Intentional Communities”

 I continue to have frequent radio and other media interviews, several times a month. There are a number of documentaries in the works and I have frequent contacts with many people in production.

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