JONESTOWN SURVIVOR Summer and Fall Update

JONESTOWN SURVIVOR Update and News for Summer and Fall:

The highlight of my Spring 2018 was my return visit to Guyana and Jonestown, after 40 years. I traveled with my husband and son, another surivivor, and three other dear friends. Here at home, I had numerous university presentations and interviews with documentary filmakers, authors, and other media. In the last month, I have been approached by middle school students and media for interviews. This summer, I have a Book Group talk, a presentation at Taste of Osher at CSUSM-Murrieta, several more interviews, and I will pick up working on my second book (again)!

In the Fall, I will be traveling to Connecticul to open a Jonestown-related Art Show with a wonderful artist and to speak in several venues in the Darien and Bridgeport areas – where I went to college and had some of my wild times. I will speak at the Creative Arts Industry Expo in Carlsbad and present at Bishop Hill at the Communal Studies Association Conference. I will also teach at some local universities.

In November 18, on the anniversary of the deaths in Jonestown, I will participate in the 40th anniversary gathering in Oakland.

In December, I plan to return to Guyana to hold a Free Book Giveaway in Port Kaituma.