Jonestown Survivor Submits “Lived History” Paper

Jonestown Survivor: I have submitted an abstract for a Call for Papers for a "Lived History" book that is being published: Here is my Title and Abstract:
Title and Short Abstract:
Nearly forty years ago, 918 of my dearest friends and adopted family members were murdered in Guyana, mostly in Jonestown. Why are there so many conflicting feelings about Peoples Temple and Jonestown? I have looked at the thousands of written “histories” of World War II. Like the writings about that topic, each person has observations that are both factual and subjective. I understand that my perspective about all-things Peoples Temple is unique to me. Peoples Temple survivors are black and white and brown, educated and not so educated, were in Peoples Temple with other family members or alone, were brought by family or friends, or wandered in singly. Members ranged from very religious to atheist (me), and from politically uninvolved to politically active. There is no wonder that there are wide differences of opinion on almost everything. The “facts” as I see them are different from “facts” others might believe in. What is the truth? Is there only one?