JONESTOWN SURVIVOR Receives Award for Peace and Nonviolence

Tonight, I was recognized as my school’s Teacher Most Demonstrating Peace and Nonviolence, in honor of the 14th Anniversary Celebration of “A Season for Peace & Nonviolence.” Here is what was written about me:
Laura Kohl – Staff Member: Laura Kohl practices the ideals of Season for Nonviolence both at school and in her everyday life. She is committed to nonviolence principles and imparts these principles to her students. Whether her students are acting in plays about Dr. King or reading and writing about peace and tolerance, students in Laura’s class are always immersed in nonviolence ideals. In addition to her commitment to peace and tolerance at Hidden Valley Middle School, Laura also travels nation-wide to share her own book, JONESTOWN SURVIVOR, detailing her personal story of strength and endurance. Thanks to Laura, people worldwide can and do learn more about love and acceptance.

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