Jonestown Survivor presented at a California State University-San Marcos Osher Class this week. Here are the comments from the 33 students in the class:

Does this course meet your expectations?
Satisfied – 15/16 – 93.75%
Neither Satisfied or dissatisfied – 1/16 – 6.25%
Dissatisfied – 0/16 – 0%

Please explain why you were satisfied or dissatisfied.
Laura was a wonderful story teller and she kept me mesmerized with her story. She approaches this experience with objectivity – well done.
Fascinating, first person true story AND I knew one of the victims!
Laura Johnston Kohl discussed her experiences with compassion and insight.
Very insightful lecture from Jonestown survivor. Feel fortunate to have this opportunity.
Meet my objectives
Amazing story. The speaker was very open to all questions even distressing ones.
The topic and instructor were both outstanding!
Very interesting, personal story with a lot of great insight into the happening.
This course was fascinating and very well presented. This was the 4th course I have attended at this location. The microphone never worked properly.
Our instructor was the very best! She knows her subject, is funny, heart felt, –just the BEST!!! I'd like to know her–she is also brave–and did I mention she is the BEST!? 
Interesting to think again about those times in history.
Interesting perspective from someone who actually experienced Jonestown even though she was not there on the fatal day.
First hand experience made it a fascinating lecture.
Her personal experiences. Some problems with video but that happens.
Very interesting first hand account.
Excellent presentation. You could tell she was really reliving her own and others experiences.