JONESTOWN SURVIVOR Presents Communal Studies Association Conference Scholarly Paper October 5-8, 2016 in Salt Lake City

2016 Conference Theme: “Anticipating the End Times: Millennialism, Apocalypticism, and Utopianism in Intentional Communities”

Presentations will be held concurrently in Church History Library (15 E. North Temple St.) or the Church History Museum (45 N. West Temple St.), in Salt Lake City.

Friday, October 7


Panel B – Boundaries and Millennialism in Separatist Communities

-Devin Manzullo-Thomas, Messiah College: “‘Unity in Diversity’: Negotiating Communal Boundaries in the Brethren in Christ Church, 1930-1950”

-Laura Johnston Kohl, Jonestown Survivor & Former Synanon Resident: “Jonestown – Was it a ‘Millennial’ Intentional Community?”

-Tim Hoxha: “Mormon Millennialism: An Evolving Vision for a Christian Society”


Saturday, October 8


Panel D – 20th Century Intentional Communities – Moderator Laura Johnston Kohl

-Jordan Mylet, University of California, San Diego: “An Experiment in Human Salvage: Synanon, Civil Rights, and Addict Voices in the Long Sixties”

-Jonathan Andelson & Lane Atmore, Grinnell College: “The Promised New World Order of Transcendental Meditation: Magic, Science, and Religion under Fairfield’s Golden Domes”

-Jaya Reinhalter, Kashi Foundation: “Restorative Change in Intentional Communities: The Case of Kashi”