Hi all,
On Sunday and Monday, some of us gathered at Evergreen Cemetery, went to dinner nearby, and spent time again at California Historical Society on Monday. It was a small group, but wonderful. I added some photos here and have more. If you attended and want to share your photos – that would be great too.

When I am with other survivors and family members, I feel like I am “at-home” – no pretenses, just deep friendship. I have a lot of friends but it is hard to describe the difference. I read somewhere once that you have friends you can bring home, no matter how messy your house is – because they don’t care. They are beyond judging you, and know you so well, you don’t have to pretend on any level. You don’t impress or un-impress them. Things are that solid. That is how I feel when I am with my Peoples Temple family.

Much love to all of you. those who couldn’t come – we missed you.

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