Jonestown Survivor on Approaching the 40th Anniversary

Approaching the 40th anniversary of Jonestown on November 18, 2018, things are heating up. Just in the past few months, I have had interviews with media and documentary crews every few weeks. I am often contacted to provide more information for the 2200+ photos I have added to the Peoples Temple Photogallery. This week, NBC contacted me. The premier source of Peoples Temple research and information is on the "Alternative Considerations of Jonestown and Peoples Temple" website – created by the Jonestown Institute based at SDSU. (

There are other things in the works as well. A fellow survivor, Jordan Vilchez, and I are keeping each other on track to finish our drafts of our books (my second book) by August.Other survivors and friends have books, documentaries, mini-series for television and other projects to finish this fall. Several of the television documentaries and docudramas have already aired this last month, with others coming out soon, and even others being recorded at the end of the month and in the future.

I am co-editor of the Communal Societies Journal, from Communal Studies Association, coming out in the Fall, 2018. It will include insightful articles written by insiders and others about the Peoples Temple community.

I am hoping that for those who have somehow missed learning the lessons from the 918 deaths in Jonestown, we are providing many sources to refesh memories, or teach.