Jonestown Survivor Nominated for Teacher of the Year 2011-12 at School

This week, I was nominated for Teacher of the Year at my school, where I teach 6th grade. Here is the recommendation:

I would like to nominate Laura Kohl for teacher of the year. Laura is an exceptional person and teacher who gives all of herself to her students and community. Laura has gone out of her way to make sure that all of her students’ needs have been met. Teaching ELD Laura has come across many students whose needs exceed the classroom. She has never hesitated to meet those needs. She has always made sure that our village participates in food donations and has even taken it upon herself to deliver food to those in need. This year Laura took over as the school rep. for McKinney Vento (homeless student program) and has done a wonderful job at making sure our students are taken care of.

Laura promotes an understanding of world events to all of her students. She makes every attempt to expand her students’ knowledge of the world and makes Language Arts fun for them. She has written plays that the students perform and has encouraged her students to write their own. The students in Laura’s class feel safe and taken care of at all times. She is everything that an excellent teacher should be.

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