Jonestown Survivor New Spring 2018 Calendar

Jonestown Survivor – Spring 2018

Here is my schedule for Spring 2018:

December 14, 2017: Cal State University-San Marcos-Osher class in Murrieta

December 28, 2017: 3-hour Radio Interview “Spaced Out Radio”

January, 2018: Set up summer speaking events

Feb. 11-13, 2018: Speaking in University of Puget Sound classes and Public Meeting

March, 2018: Return trip to Guyana – Georgetown and Jonestown

Cal State University-San Bernadino Osher in Palm Desert (3 classes)

San Diego State University-Osher class

April 4-6, 2018: Speaking at Arkansas Tech University – Anthropology classes

Communal Studies Association – Conference Call

Bay Area Book Festival in Berkeley


  • I continue to teach 6th grade language arts in middle school.

  • I am co-editor of the Communal Societies Journal, for an issue dedicated to the 40th anniversary of Jonestown, published by the Communal Studies Association.

  • I am also working on a Fall 2019 Communal Studies Association Conference to be held in Petaluma, California close to the two communities I lived in – Peoples Temple sites and Synanon sites. I hope many former members of each community will participate in a focused Conference on modern communities.

  • I am on the Jonestown Institute’s Speakers’ Bureau and get frequent requests for interviews from local, national, and international media. I have had five lengthy interview over the past few months as the media prepares for the 40th anniversary of Jonestown, next November 18, 2018.

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