JONESTOWN SURVIVOR is Delighted about a Summer Break

Here it goes! While teaching middle school, I focus on that! Friday, June 8 was my last day of this school year. Now, I’m ready to take on – if not the world – my small part of continuing the discussion about Peoples Temple and survival. I naturally continue my activities with the Quakers, and Occupy Escondido, and Synanon connections. The upcoming weeks will also include a gathering of other Peoples Temple survivors here in San Diego. At each meeting of this group, my thoughts on the whole discussion of Peoples Temple and Jonestown evolve. I always find out something I didn’t know, or hadn’t thought about. I know that the antonym of evolution is stagnation. I am not interested in stagnating. So, ONWARD! You’ll hear more from me in the upcoming weeks and months. I’m currently in discussion about my religion and how it manifests in my life. Also, I’ve been contacted by a Danish company interested in a production of a dance about Peoples Temple. I have numerous library events planned over the next few months, and many universities in the Fall, 2012.

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