JONESTOWN SURVIVOR hosts North County Authors and Poet Table

On Sunday, June 3, I hosted an Authors’ Table with the North County Authors and Poets in Rancho Bernardo, northern San Diego County. RB Alive (Ranch Bernardo Alive) was a wonderful event and my day was enriched with some wonderful, deep conversations about Peoples Temple and my book JONESTOWN SURVIVOR: An Insider’s Look.

I had many questions about my religion. I am an atheist and Quaker – which seems strange to many people. You can check my earlier blog to see my response.

I met a woman Pastor. She came buy my table just as a very interested and curious family had passed by. I was likely still emotionally involved in the earlier conversation. this very kind person asked if she could “pray for me”. Somehow, the timing was just perfect. She said a few words about protecting me, and quietly said a very touching message.

I remain an atheist. But, I see wonderful people around me, with a wide variety of different opinions on things great and small. I appreciated that she took her time to cherish me. Quakers “hold a person in the Light” and send love and strength. I felt that she held me in the Light, her way.

My day at RB Alive had many treasures.

A fellow author, and really a man with many talents, was Terry Ambrose. He wrote an article about the event:

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