Jonestown Survivor Fall 2018 News

Laura's Fall 2018 Update 091518

My Fall 2018 did not slow down as much as I expected. I was diagnosed with cancer in May, 2018 and am working through the daily Radiation treatment. So, I canceled out-of-town trips and scaled back on my (numerous) local commitments. But, life is full!
I finished my articles for the jonestown report. I wrote on the Migration/Emigration of Peoples Temple, the Legacy of Peoples Temple, my March 2018 Return Trip to Jonestown, my donation of my documents and memorabilia to University of Southern Indiana Communal Studies Archive, and my understanding of the Guyanese perspective through personal contact with Guyanese on my trip and via other communication.

I have participated in many interviews over the past few months. Many documentaries and books will be coming out in advance of the 40th anniversary of the deaths in Jonestown – November 18, 1978. Upcoming, I have interviews with a Barcelona journalist (hopefully in English and Spanish), with a Swedish journalist, a few local presentations, and a book group study.

In November, the week after the marriage of my wonderful son, I will be in San Francisco and Oakland for the 40th Anniversary Ceremony. Forty years later – the tragedy has not moved on.