JONESTOWN SURVIVOR – Fall 2018 Heading Towards 40th Anniversary

JONESTOWN SURVIVOR – A Busy Time – Fall 2018

As we head towards the 40th Anniversary of the 918 deaths in Guyana, I am busy trying to finish up a number of projects.

Every year, I write several articles for the annual  jonestown report which is published by The Jonestown Institute. I will be finishing up these articles: My Return Trip to Jonestown in March 2018, The Legacy of Peoples Temple, some article of Guyanese Connections, Donations to University of Southern Indiana Communal Studies Department, and possibly one or two more.  I also worked with my husband on his article about the trip to Guyana and Jonestown.

I keep in contact with many of the other survivors about different issues related to the anniversary and other events. I am in touch with about 60 survivors and family members. Three new relatives have contacted me in this past month.

I also have responsibilities with the Communal Studies Association. I am on the Board and a few of us are  working to set up a Communal Studies Association Conference in the Bay Area in September 2019. I submitted a Draft of the Call for Papers for next year, and I will be writing a paper and creating a Powerpoint about Migration in Peoples Temple from Indiana to California to Guyana. A friend who is a Peoples Temple scholar will give my presentation at the Conference this year.

I have had a few student interviews this month and have a few more scheduled classes at San Diego State University and other local venues, Author events, and Book Clubs.

And finally, I want to finish writing my second book. The possible title is Jonestown Survivor: Thinking about Unintended Victims. It is a work in progress.  

I am battling a health crisis, with 6 weeks of radiation beginning tomorrow. So, I will likely be working at a sluggish rate. But, some of these things are done and most in the works, so the “To Do” list is not as burdensome as it looks.