JONESTOWN SURVIVOR Fall 2016 Activities

Jonestown Survivor News – Fall 2016

8/23 – Tuesday at 11, I will be interviewed on a blogtalk radio for Advocacy Heals U, on W4CS, W4WU, W4HC


8/23 – Tuesday at 5, I will be interviewed on another blogtalk radio program for Reallife Realfaith at http:/

In October,

October 4, I will teach an Osher Lifetime Learning Class at U Utah

October 7, I will present a scholarly paper on Peoples Temple (Anticipating the End Times: Millenialism) at the Communal Studies Association Conference in Salt Lake City.

In December,

December 14, at 6:30, I will present at Mission Hills Library in San Diego.

There are a few other interviews, documentaries in the works. I will be traveling to several Universities this Fall, also. The 38th anniversary of the deaths at Jonestown will be this November 18, and we are approaching the 40th anniversary, which promises much media attention.