JONESTOWN SURVIVOR Author Awaits Leigh Fondakowski’s New Book

I am eagerly awaiting a book due out this October 2012. Leigh Fondakowski has a new book coming out called “Stories from Jonestown.” It will be published by University of Minnesota Press. About ten years ago, Leigh was contracted by the Z Studio (David Dower) in San Francisco to write a play about peoples Temple and Jonestown. Leigh had been the primary writer for “The Laramie Project” and received an Emmy Award nomination for it.

Leigh and her wonderful colleagues spoke with as many survivors as they could and put together a magnificent play “The Peoples Temple.” It was performed across the country and, more recently, by university drama departments.

She has collected her notes and I am looking forward to her book! I’m sure it will be as amazing as her theater production The Peoples Temple. Congratulations to Leigh!

Here’s the link:

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