Jonestown Survivor – 2nd book in the Works!

JONESTOWN SURVIVOR – Book 2 is in the Works!

I am excited to say that I am resuming my work on my second book. I am setting the deadline for my first draft mid-June 2019.

This book will have four parts:

  1. Updates on all things Peoples Temple/Jonestown that I have learned since I wrote my first book Jonestown Survivor: An Insider’s Look in 2009 and published it in 2010.

  2. Putting Peoples Temple and the rise of Jim Jones in Historical Perspective.

  3. Jonestown and Guyana – last March, seven of us returned to Guyana and Jonestown. My husband Ron, and son Raul, Jordan Vilchez (a fellow survivor) and three close friends took the trip (Richmond Arquette, Rikke Wettendorff and Kevin Kunishi).

  4. Unintended victims of the Jonestown tragedy. There are many stories that are overlooked when we reflect on the 918 people died in Jonestown. Those 918 deaths have affected thousands more family members and friends. I will include some of the stories.


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