DOVER CREMAINS Join Remains of Jonestown Remains at Evergreen Cemetery


In July 2014, in an abandoned funeral home in Dover, Delaware, nine cremains were found of Peoples Temple members who died in Jonestown. The relatives for seven of the victims were located.  Families of four of them – Maud Ester Perkins, Katherine Martha Domineck, Mary Johnson Rodgers, and Irra Jean Johnson – worked directly with the state of Delaware transfer the cremains for their own disposition. The families of three people – Irene Mason, Tony Gerard Walker, and Wanda Bonita King – requested that the cremains be interred adjacent to the existing Jonestown memorial at Evergreen Cemetery in Oakland, California. Efforts to locate relatives of the final two – Ruth Atkins and Ottie Mese Guy – were unsuccessful, and the medical examiner’s office made arrangements with Evergreen to receive them as well. The cremains of all five were interred at a service on the morning of October 20, 2014. At the 36th Anniversary gathering at Evergreen Cemetery on November 18, 2014, survivors, family members, and close friends put flowers over the graves of the five remains, and spoke of memories of these loved ones.

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