A New and Undoubtedly Interesting Book is Out

I have just heard of a new book out called “Ten Years that Shook the City San Francisco – 1968-1978”. The author Chris Carlsson is a speaker this month at City Lights. The title caught my attention, and the blurb mentions Jonestown. My friend Jennifer Gibbons said I was quoted in the book. Here’s my quote: “You know you can’t just forget about them. They gave the ultimate price; you have to respect that they worked so hard for a better world.” For once, it is a quote that I said!

I have had two friends begin books on this topic – Michael Bellafountaine who died in the middle of his thoughtful and insightful work, and Paul VandeCarr, who couldn’t get financial backing but is articulate and wise. I am interested to see how this book compares to their insights and work.