A Gathering of Peoples Temple Survivors and Friends

On May 29, 2011, survivors and family gathered for a noon ceremony at Evergreen Cemetery. At the ceremony, everyone was invited to hang out at the lovely home of Jordan Vilchez in Richmond. We spent the afternoon and evening together. More of the survivors and family members joined us there. We were also joined by some of the close friends we have made over the years. Writers, researchers, co-authors, Jonestown Report contributors, and other wonderful associates mixed with the survivors and with the family members of those who died in Jonestown. We were all colors, all ages, all professions, and we were all thrilled that our panels were in place finally.
As a survivor, I know all too well that we continue to suffer from PTSD, and we are fragile. Before this event, in fact all of the week before, I was on edge. I anticipated correctly that there would be a tremendous emotional weight lifted off of me. But, that made me very emotional. Afterwards, as I headed back to San Diego, I continued to be tender and exhausted for several days.