JONESTOWN SURVIVOR Responds to Questions

Here is another exchange from a high school student who wants to “re-write” a US History book to include more details of the lessons learned with Peoples Temple and Jonestown.

1, What made Jim Jones so genuine and easy to follow? He was believable.

He lived the life he talked about – simple, not ostentatious, loving his own and everyone else’s children of all color, taking care of everyone from attorney to custodian – he was not a hypocrite. He consistently did what he talked and preached about.

2. Shortly after the tragedy, How was your everyday personal life affected? Was there any stigma you had to overcome?

I never told anyone outside of the survivors and the residential commune I moved into a year after Jonestown. No one on any job or people I would meet along the way, knew of my Peoples Temple background. Even after I moved out of the residential group, I never told people I met for the nearly twenty years afterwards. Many of us stayed “in the closet” and did not share that part of our backgrounds.

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