April 15, 2016, at 6:30, JONESTOWN SURVIVOR will present at Oaks North Community Center, to the Board of Directors.  

I will speak about my life, and my book JONESTOWN SURVIVOR: An Insider's Look, and sell signed copies of my book.

June 4 and 5, 2016, JONESTOWN SURVIVOR will host a table at Bay Area Book Festival in Berkeley. 

I will have Who Died poster and Jonestown photos, and my book JONESTOWN SURVIVOR: An Insider's Look, and will sell signed copies of my book.

July 8 and 9, JONESTOWN SURVIVOR host a table at Kingdom Writers' Conference, Vista, CA. 

I will participate in a Conference and host a JONESTOWN SURVIVOR table with photos and a poster, and will autograph and sell my book.

October 6, 7, 8, JONESTOWN SURVIVOR will attend Communal Studies Conference, in Salt Lake City, and Present a Scholarly paper on “Anticipating the End Times – Peoples Temple” 

I will Present about “Where does Jonestown fit into the Historical Perspective of the Millennialist, Apocalyptic, and Utopian Intentional Communities?” I will present about Jonestown, and play a section of Jim Jones’ sermons on the “Promised Land.” I will also speak about my life, and my book JONESTOWN SURVIVOR: An Insider's Look, and sell signed copies of my book.

Fall, 2016, JONESTOWN SURVIVOR will make other presentations at universities around the US.

Early Spring, 2016, JONESTOWN SURVIVOR will travel back to Jonestown with a handful of other survivors, as part of an Oral History grant.

• University of San Francisco, York College of Pennsylvania, U of Tennessee-Chattanooga
• Hawaii Pacific University
• Mexico City Book Talk in English/Spanish
• Penn State U – Political Science, History, and Sociology classes
• Grossmont College and San Diego City College
• Ben Modo Live television program
• Puget Sound University
• Western. Washington University
• Libraries throughout California
• Co-housing groups in California
• Athens GA, Chattanooga TN, Visalia, Lake Co., Santa Rosa, Bellingham, Washington, DC, Mexico City, and San Diego Quaker Meetings
• KPOO Radio Interview, San Francisco
• Books, Inc. San Francisco
• San Diego Branch Library Book Talks
• Numerous Local Author events
• Cal State San Marcos History Classes and History Clubs
• Miramar Coll. Women’s History Month
• Communal Studies Assoc. Conferences at the Oneida Community and Old Harmony, and many others.


As a Board Member on the Communal Studies Association, I will continue to research and present scholarly papers about historical and contemporary communal groups. I present each October. This year, I am presenting about both Peoples Temple and Synanon. I spent a decade in each community.

As a Quaker, I am active in Peace concerns and part of the Latin American Concerns Committee. I work with the new refugees flooding into our country looking for a safe home, and I am active in pursuing a sane and wise immigration policy with a realistic path to citizenship. I support the DACA program and want it expanded.

I have produced an audio book from my print book. It is available in audio format, and in the "whisper" program. If you buy a kindle book, you can get the audio and either read yourself or listen to the audio.

I have been interviewed by Richmond Arquette, a researcher, who is putting together a mini-documentary/drama about Peoples Temple, as well as other authors, researchers, students, and media sites.

I have participated in two other interviews for television documentaries to be released in late 2015 and early 2016.

While in Chattanooga, I spoke with Joy Krause, a television reporter and documentary producer. She interviewed me for her upcoming documentary on women who seem to follow sociopaths. We will see how that goes.

I have been contacted by Liz Gannes, who is writing the script for an audio walking tour of the Fillmore District of San Francisco, exploring the history of the neighborhood. She would like to include the perspective of how the People's Temple found a home and many members there, in the 1970s. I'll be contributing my thoughts to her project.

Continuing into 2015, I will continue my work on collecting Peoples Temple Oral History recordings from around the country. I have completed ten recordings and will continue to interview fellow survivors and family members so that there is an archive of Oral Histories available. Once transcribed, the recordings and transcriptions will be shared with California Historical Society in San Francisco, at San Diego State University, and at University of Tennessee in Chattanooga. They will be available to the public.

I have written a number of articles for the recent annual JONESTOWN REPORT, published in print and on-line by the Jonestown Institute. Each year, I add a number of articles to the jonestown report published each November.

I have become a regular contributor to a local bilingual newspaper on topics of immigration and education.

I have been interviewed on five internet/radio programs to a national and international audience.